Meet the Indian Startups Vying to Be the Swiggy of the Health Space

Around 18 months ago, a slew of fitness wearables were being launched in India, seemingly with the hope that Indians would take to these as well as they did to smartphones. The number of launches appears to have slowed down, but does that mean Indians have stopped caring about fitness? Maybe not, but fitness wearables were probably not good enough to entice buyers.

What’s next? According to some, the next trend in fitness is going to be the disruption of gyms. The traditional gym or health club-based fitness model doesn’t suit everyone – paying a fat annual fee upfront isn’t something anyone looks forward to, particularly people who don’t religiously make use of these memberships.

The solution might be to put the focus on fitness, rather than statistics, or memberships. Tushar Vasisht, co-founder of HealthifyMe, which has a fitness and nutrition app of the same name, believes that Indians care about fitness and are willing to pay for it. The app asks you to set a fitness goal and then assigns a coach to help you achieve the goal, in exchange for a subscription fee.

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