Google Testing a Play Store Budgeting Feature to Help Check App Spending

Google is now reportedly rolling out a new budgeting feature within the Play Store. This feature essentially allows users to set a cap on app-related expenses on their phones and prevent the occasional over indulging. The tech giant is rolling out this new budgeting feature in a staged manner for testing, and will roll it out to all users soon. Once the budget is set, Google will keep showing you messages in Play Store letting you know how close you have got to your budget.

VentureBeat reports that this feature is currently being tested and is rolling out in stages. The budget feature can be accessed from within the Google Play app on Android phones and tablets only, and not through the Web. As per Google’s official support page, to access the feature, open the Play Store on your Android device and head to Menu > Account > Purchase History > Set Budget. If the option is showing up on your device, enter the amount you want to keep as your expense cap, and press Save. This amount will be taken into account, and Google Play will warn you after every purchase you make thereafter. The message will display the balance left in your budget so that you can plan future purchases.

The budget feature will never prevent you from making Google Play purchases. It will merely act as an informer to help you keep your expenses in check. If you happen to go over your budget, the message displayed on your screen will warn you of over expenditure. If you feel that the feature is too interfering in nature, you can also remove the budget by tapping on Menu > Account > Purchase History > Remove Budget.

The budgeting feature is another addition to the existing set of purchasing controls that have already been put into place by Google. There’s an option to set authentication for every purchase you make, and Google’s Family Link also requires manual approval for Play Store spending from other members. At the time of writing, we could not see the feature live on Play Store app on our Android phones.

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